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About Us

Africans Around The Globe is a platform dedicated to the development, empowerment and unity of Africans around the globe.  We collaborate with Africans in the continent, the diaspora and the Caribbean to create tools and resources for Africans to travel the world and share their stories.

Through our captured and captivating stories and interviews we sought to highlight the successes of Africans Around The Globe to bring about unity in the African communities and to celebrate Africans in the continent and across the globe.

What We Do

African Event Marketing: Engage and interact with Africans from across the globe at various events wherever in the world you might be. We highlight and bring attention to events that celebrate the African culture, food, film, music and dance. Through such events we are able to connect and unite as Africans in the world.

Travel and Tourism Marketing: We help generate awareness to destinations and its diverse cultures and attractions to increase visitation and impact on the country's economy.

Digital Content: We highlight the intriguing and captivating stories and images of Africans who have traveled across the globe to help other Africans on their next journey.

What We Stand For And Believe In

We believe that through our travel experiences and  interactions with each other we can enable Africans to fulfill their potential in becoming world leaders and influencers. We aim to unify and uplift Africans trough our moving stories and experiences content. We believe in the movement that encourages and strengthens bonds of solidarity between Africans.

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